Last and Final Update on: 4th September 2005




Geekstuffs is now moved to a new fully qualified domain and commercial web space.

So no more POP-UPs, Banner ads occuring due to the free hosting.


Geekstuffs is now TEcHSlash at


TEcHSlash: Slashing through Technology!



 - TechTrix: An extensive technology and computing knowledge base

 - Webworld: New and improved internet information storehouse

 - Coderoom: New  section for programming resources, coding techniques, tips, tricks and more...

 - PC Workshop: Lots of PC Guides, HOW-TOs, tips, tricks, tweaks and more...

 - Security Panel: An integrated dynamic security panel, with upto-date virus alerts, latest anti-virus definitions  for download, real-time

   infection report and more....

 - PLUS Downloads, Scripts, Tutorials, Ebooks, Reviews, Tech Articles/Opinions and more....


Although you can still navigate geekstuffs for contents, the site will no longer be updated.


For any questions/feedback contact admin<at>techslash<dot>com 


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