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More tech and non-tech stuffs which does not fit elsewhere



  • Final Fantasy

    Check out a huge collection of artistic digital images freely downloadable

  • 50 + Free Web Design Templates

    Check out a huge collection of free web design templates. There are more than 50 unique design templates

  • Job Interviews Dos & Don'ts, Tips & Tricks

    Free collection of documents on Dos and Don'ts, Etiquettes, Tips on Job Interviews

  • Interplanetary Internet

    Know all about the technology behind the Interplanetary Internet in an interactive flash show

  • 101 Keyboard Shortcuts

    These tips tell you how to use the common applications faster using keyboard shortcuts. Get to know how you can perform faster by not having to reach out for the mouse every time you need to do a task

  • Ultimate Registry Tweaks

    This tool consists of a number of registry files, with a readme file explaining each file, for that ultimate tweak

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