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Windows Dev

> How to move on from VB to VB.NET with no fuss

> Tux applications on Win
> Make Your Own Transparent Windows in Visual Basic 6


Linux Dev

> Rip DVDs to DivX in Linux
> Using Bluetooth and GPRS in a Linux machine

> USB Flash drives in Linux

> Run Windows Apps in Linux


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Tech Knowledge Base



An extensive growing collection of technology related knowledge base and know hows!


  > Microsoft F# NEW!

Designed for .NET, this hybrid imperative/functional language could make life easier for developers. Calling all code warriors--read the article and then let us know what you think 


  > Holograms Poised to Reaveal Bio Data NEW!

The technology could usher in an era of "smart labels" that show when food is spoiled or when body glucose and alcohol levels are too high, said a professor at Cambridge University who has started a company based on his technology


  > Distributed Computing NEW!

From global distributed projects like Seti@Home to corporate uses behind the firewall, we cover the fundamentals of distributed computing architectures, discuss major initiatives and applications, and talk about the challenges that lie ahead


  > Beyond IE NEW!

Microsoft's web browser is no longer the only game in town. We look at several alternatives to IE6, including FireFox, Opera and several others. Safe and speedy browsing is just a download away 

  > Microsoft Technical Presentations

A comprehensive collection of original Microsoft enterprise technical presentations of their products and technologies.

  > CODECS 101

The following article from Microsoft Corporation talks about what is a Codec, contains a codec quick reference chart, how to create a content that users can play and a lot more 


  > CPU Decoder Ring: A Tech Report

The following report lists a large number of processors, and gives you just about all the pertinent details of each one. Wondering exactly what the differences are between the two types of Athlon XP 3000+, or what the heck a Pentium 4 550 is? Just find the chip you're curious about in this doc, and all will be made clear


  > How a Camcorder works

Take a voyage to see how a camcorder works. The document covers the main parts of a camcorder and tell what they do


  > UpsetChaps Doom3 Guide - Framerate and Visual Tweaks

Read this k-base document on how to acheive that high frame rate in Doom3. A must for all Doom fans


  > How to create Bootable CDS

Bootable CDs are an invaluable aid when dealing with large roll-outs and test rigs, and improvements in CD writing software have made the process of creating them far simple  


  > String attacks and SQL Injection Demystified

Know how String inputs in a software cause buffer overrun and how that can be used for hacker attacks


  > Google Guide: A Complete Google Knowledge Base

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