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An complete internet information repository consisting of information and services available on the Internet, to help you navigate the web better!


Browse the Net anonymously    NEW!

           This topic features services that allow you to surf the Internet without anyone being able to tell who you are.


Web mailbox as remote storage

           This topic features an awesome tool that enables you to use your web mail account for storing/sharing files, as a large storage space effectively. Know how to exploit the massive storage space available on your web mail accounts.


A9: A Versatile search tool

           This topic discusses a feature packed search portal developed using different search services such as Google, IMDB and Amazon. It also discusses another search service that automatically looks into various search services and lists the results in a single page.


Google HOWTO

           This topic discusses about the Google's advanced operators and how to use them, to get better search results. Also know how to use Google's search box as an advanced calculator. Click below:

Google's Advanced Operators | Google's Calculator (new window)


Secure P2P file sharing tool

           This topic discusses a software that enables you to transfer files directly from one PC to another PC securely, with access control and other cool features.


Google services galore

           There is always some impressive array of services that surfaces regularly on the Net from Google. This topic takes a look at some of the new Google based services.


BitTorrent downloads

           This topic introduces tools and services for locating and downloading BitTorrent files. BitTorrent is the technology in which the file transfer makes use of the unused bandwidth of netizens who download the file at any time, by uploading certain parts of the file even as they download, thereby increasing the efficiency of the download process, as the number of peer downloaders increases. Click on the topic title to know more.


MoreGoogle: A Google product  to enhance your search results

           This topic discusses about a tool from Google, a browser add-on,  which enhances your search results, thus providing a more accurate search result.


Weblog navigatin tools

           This topic discusses about services called blog aggregators that provides netizens accurate information on what is current in the blog world, track bloggers, collect information from each blog and organize it. Also discussed is a blogring, which connects blogs with a common focus and theme.


Personal web-based Bookmark systems

           This topic discusses a couple of bookmark systems that enable you to install a web-based bookmark manager on your personal web server or intranet or even your own website, so that your favorite links can be accessed from anywhere on the Net.


New search tools and a specialized search engine

           This topic discusses few search tools to help us spot right on-line resources, several tools/resources and services.


E-mail based epistolary novel

           This topic discusses a new form of novel authoring or story telling technique, which is mainly based on the e-mail technology. Click above to know more..


Mailnull: A email alias service

           This topic discusses a e-mail service that enables you to create a temporary mail aliases for your email addresses, to make your real email id invisible to the outside world and make it less spam prone.


Free/Open source software hosting services

           This topic runs through a features of online software hosting services that enables web based collaborative software development. Topic features services like 'SourceForge', BerliOS, Free software foundation and lots more.


Peer-to-Peer enabled applications

           This topic runs through a few useful applications created using P2P technology. Apart from the usual area of sharing files, P2P technology is also applied in other areas as well. Tools discussed include, P2P radio, P2P telephony and P2P Instant Messenger.

           Also discussed is a service where you can drop a file to be later picked up by a specified recipient.


Network Access from a DOS PC

           This topic discusses how you can access the network resources using a PC running on DOS. Also reviews a DOS based web browser called 'Arachne' . Know about a web service called 'FuseMail', through which you  can access mails from different email websites like Yahoo!, Hotmail etc.

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