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A collection of industry standard technology whitepapers


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The Google File System  NEW!

This paper covers the entire technical details and aspects of the Google's File System. A must read.


Webservices  NEW!

Whitepaper discussing the scope of information gathering used against web services. First in a series of papers defining attacks and defense methodologies with web services.


Firewalls  NEW!

This paper provides an overview of the topic of network firewalls and the authentication methods that they support, useful reading.


Protecting Microsoft Internet Information Services Web Servers With ISA Server 2004  NEW!

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 is an application-layer-aware firewall that peruses communication moving through the firewall. Based on certain analysis methods that take into consideration safety and validity aspects, intelligent allow-or-deny decisions are made. The application-layer filtering mechanisms used not only offer

a high security level for corporate Web servers, but also let the firewall administrator get a high level of control over resource-access through the firewall. This white paper discusses the technologies used in the ISA Server 2004 that allow secure access to Internet Information Server (IIS) Web servers placed behind the firewall


Computer Security  NEW!
The Inevitability of Failure: The Flawed Assumption of Security in Modern Computing Environments An interesting look at computer security. Is it a dream? 


10-Gigabit Ethernet Technology Brief
As the demands of surfers and applications spiral towards unfathomable zeniths, IEEE Std 802.3ae-2002 10 Gigabit Ethernet is one standard that shows promise in handling such intense network pressures. 3Com has constantly been furthering the development of the IEEE 802.3ae 10GbE standard, ever since its inception in March 1999. This paper describes how 3Com, as a market leader in Gigabit Ethernet switches, supports the development of contraptions that run

on 10 Gbps transmission rates to address enterprise customer infrastructure requirements.


Maximizing Performance of a Gigabit Ethernet NIC Interface
They maybe the talk of the network, but they are the sole providers of gargantuan stress levels to Sun systems. So to get gigabit Ethernet NIC interfaces to perform to their maximum potential, one needs to take into account complicated factors such as auto-negotiation and look at new ways that get the best out of this interfacing beast. This paper provides information on tools that will help you glean great results from the interface and also throws in a section on troubleshooting as well.


Virus Library  

A well-maintained virus library is an important tool to the anti-virus researcher. The creation of such a collection and its maintenance is not an easy task. This paper describes the major guidelines and procedures used to maintain the virus collection in the Virus Test Centre Hamburg.


Is Megahertz enough?  

As processors push the limits of speed by constantly providing higher speeds, the common user finds it increasingly difficult to make an informed decision on a computer purchase. Thus, he relies on the clock speed of the processor as a benchmark. This paper evaluates whether clock speed is a true benchmark, and whether it can be used to determine the actual speed of the system.


Internet Worms: Self Spreading Malicious Programs 

Worms are a major threat to Internet. How different are they from virus, the working of a worm and how does one protect

the computer from worms is what the white paper is all about.


Instant Messaging Security

IMs have garnered a lot of attention these days, especially from the bad guys on the Internet. This whitepaper by Symantec takes a look at factors that make IM vulnerable and discusses some solutions for them.


Introduction to Secure Sockets Layer

This paper is intended to serve as a primer for learning the basic concepts of how SSL operates. Overview information on how SSL termination devices are deployed in a Web server environment also is included.
Because this paper is intended for a technical audience, a basic understanding of network infrastructure and security concepts is assumed.


AMD 64 Computing Platform: All about 64-bit technology

A whitepaper from AMD describing the new 64-bit computing platform. It describes all the technical aspects, the x86 architecture, AMD64 ISA and so on.


Software Development Life Cycle

This document describes the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) application development efforts. It  presents an overview of the SDLC, alternate lifecycle models, and associated references. Also describes the internal processes that

are common across all stages of the SDLC, the inputs, outputs, and processes of each stage, and the four core concepts that form the basis of this SDLC.


Flash Action Script Standards

This document from Macromedia outlines a system of best practices specifically designed for coding with ActionScript and building applications with Macromedia Flash. Applications that use these guidelines should be more efficient and understandable-and the underlying ActionScript code will be easy to debug and reuse.


Delivering Better Software, Faster for the Microsoft .Net Framework

This is a Borland whitepaper giving solutions to accelerate the application lifecycle. The whitepaper deals with Borland application lifecycle solutions for the Microsoft .NET Framework provide an integrated approach to supporting the entire systems development process.


Nanotubes for electronics

Nanotubes for electronics. Highly illustrative and colorful Technology whitepaper on nanotechnology and it's implementations in  electronics.


SOI Technology

SOI Technology: IBMís Next Advance In Chip Design. Whitepaper dealing with what IBM believes to be the first commercially-viable implementation of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, its advantages, technical and implementation details.


Silicon chip Fabrication

This course is basically about silicon chip fabrication, the technology used to manufacture IC's.


How to choose site search solution

This whitepapers deals with the advantages and benefits of a site search solution in your website. It explains how the solution can allow visitors to make full use of your site and the way contents are made  accessible and reachable. It also gives various corporate commercial advantages arising out of a site search solution.


How to choose a content management system       

A content management system (CMS) helps solve the problems and challenges faced by a web site. A content

management system automates the flow of content into a Web site, while leaving the Web team in complete control over look and feel, information architecture, workflow capabilities, and delegated permissions. The whitepaper discusses this

and a host of other related issues.


The Anatomy of Google       

In this paper, the anatomy of Google is presented. Google, a prototype of a large-scale search engine which makes heavy use of the structure present in hypertext. This paper addresses this question of how to build a practical large-scale system which can exploit the additional information present in hypertext. Also we look at the problem of how to effectively deal with uncontrolled hypertext collections where anyone can publish anything they want.


The Multimedia Search Engines

This paper takes a look at the multimedia search engines, search techniques, products and service providers. It concentrates on the engines that operate in a web environment. It explains how they are built and how they work, some techniques to make multimedia content searchable.


The Evolution and Diffusion of Search Engines

This whitepaper is designed to bring together baseline information about search engines. It addresses a clear and factual  discussion about this often misunderstood topic. It deals with different searching technologies, how the search engines work, and other related issues.


Why do search engines hate frames

This paper deals with a problem that we encounter with many clients: Web sites that look good superficially are not picked up by search engines. In some cases we discover that the web design is based on frames something search engines donít like at all. It explains all the inherent problems associated with frames.


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