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> Java in 21 Days

> C# for Dummy

 > Linux shell tutorial

 > ASP Programmming

 > Flash Actionscript Standards


Tech Knowledge Base

> Microsoft F#

> Distributed Computig

> Hologram to Reveal Bio Data

 > Microsoft Technet Presentations



> The Google File System

> Webservices

> Firwalls

> Computer Security


Other Sections

 > Scripts Arena

 > PC Expert Workshop

 > Webworld

 > Tips & Tricks

 > Downloads

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 > Classic E-Books



Linux Developer



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 > Using USB Flash Drive NEW!

 > Rip DVD's to DivX tin Linux

 > RPM: Beyond Installation: Create your own .rpm files

 > Run Linux Applications on Windows  

 > Net Access with Bluetooth and GPRS from a Linux machine

 > Share Mail between Linux and Win: Get one mail database for a machine that has both linux and Windows


 > Prevent DoS Attacks: A Tool LaBrea creates virtual machines, making it difficult for port scanners to find the

     actual ones.

 > Run Windows Apps in Linux

 > Multiple Monitors on One Machine: Splitting your Linux display across two monitors



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