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PC Expert Workshop


Here are some fast tweaks, expert tips and tricks, HOW TOs and a lot more...

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 > Windows XP: Speed up LAN and Internet Connection  NEW!

 > 19 Brand New Windows XP Tips  NEW!

 > Fortify That Screen Saver!

 > HOW TO: Create a Windows XP Boot CD with SP2

 > HOW TO: Replace the default Windows XP "Copying..." animation

 > HOW TO: Replace the Win XP logo in the Genereal tab under System properties with an image of your choice

 > HOW TO: Insert an item in the menu that opens as you right click on a web page in Internet Explorer 

 > Know some cool and useful hidden applications in Windows XP 

 > Change the text of your Windows XP Start Button

 > Increase the security in Windows XP through logs

 > HOW-TO rip music from games

 > Increase Internet Explorer's download limit

 > HOW-TO Format your NTFS Partition

 > Disable MSN Messenger in Windows XP

 > Get Connected Offline! Share files across PC without an Internet Connection

 > Backup your e-mail! (using Outlook)

 > Step on the Gas! Shortcut Expert

 > Free Streaming to Winamp 5

 > Stream TV Channels on the Network

 > Flash Forward!

 > All The Music You Can't Leave Behind!


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